Immigration and Naturalization Services

RISNW is a recognized agency with trained, accredited staff approved by the US Department of Justice, Office of Legal Access Programs, to provide a range of legal immigration & naturalization services.


RISNW assists eligible refugees and asylees to:

  • Adjust their status to permanent resident. Services include assistance completing the application form, referral the civil surgeon for a medical exam and other required steps to complete the process.

  • Request/obtain lost or replacement documents.

  • Obtain or renew work permits (employment authorization) for parolees and asylees until they obtain permanent residency (green card).

  • Provide help with other immigration related forms.


RISNW helps qualified permanent residents apply for US Citizenship. Includes help for minor children where at least one parent is a US citizen.

  • Screen for eligibility for Naturalization as well as fee waivers and disability exception.

  • Assist in the completion of the N400 form as well as fee waiver and disability exception forms.

  • Provide study guides / materials and refer to RISNW citizenship classes.

  • Referral to an approved medical provider (available on site at RISNW by appointment) to screen and complete the disability exception.

  • Help complete the biometric (fingerprinting) requirement including interpretation and translation as needed.

  • Interview preparation and, as needed, assist at the interview.

  • Follow up.

RISNW offers flexible options to prepare for the US citizenship interview and exam. We provide ongoing civics instruction through classes that are held twice a week in Everett. Classes are open entry, open exit. We also provide individualized help that is conducted in-person or remotely via phone or internet. For more information on citizenship classes, contact Kamal at 425-339-3932. For individualized assistance in Bellingham or Mt. Vernon, call Abdul at 360-812-6590. You can also contact your RISNW case manager for more information and/or help to prepare for your citizenship exam.

Immigration and Naturalization Services are funded through grants from One America Washington New Americans Program and Office of Refugee and Immigrant Assistance.